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VOLTE_face Magazine is an online publication committed to connecting the mental health industry by providing news, advocacy information and wellness tips, tools and resources. Our focus is on borderline personality disorder, mood disorders and co-occuring disorders. Whether your a mental health consumer, organization Executive Director or therapist, we've got something for you.

With a positive twist, our approach to recovery and advocacy is innovative and ambitious. We believe that recovery is possible and aim to connect consumers with relevant organizations, resources and information.

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Elizabeth Bogod

I have lived with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) for many years now, but it is only in the last four years that I have truly entered recovery. Today I am a certified Community Mental Health Worker and a paid Peer Support Worker at my local Schizophrenia Society. One of the groups I co-facilitate is a support group called the “Overwhelming Emotions Support Group” which is for people with BPD. You can check out our blog http://bpdsupportgroup.wordpress.com/. My eventual goal is that BPD support groups will be available in every city across Canada and the United States. In my spare time, I enjoy reading novels, watching good movies, writing poetry and children’s stories, going to church, hiking and walking, camping when the weathers nice, painting and drawing and hanging out with friends and family. I am very close to my parents and visit them regularly. I am also an avid animal lover – horses and elephants being my favorites (unfortunately I have neither). But, I do have my parents cat, Tika who I love dearly.

The purpose of sharing my story, is to spread the message that it is possible to live a good life with BPD – you can recover! Slowly people are coming out of the shadows to say that BPD is a serious mental illness that deserves the same attention and awareness as more well known disorders like Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. I see VOLTE_face Magazine as a vital step towards this goal. Not only does it put a young, trendy and attractive face on the disorder, but it also offers up a way for people with BPD to start liking themselves again and, dare I say it, actually love the person who they are inside.


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