Strong Brands Often Overlooked By Non-Profits

Posted by Stephanie Price on Sunday, May 23, 2010 , In : Make The Difference 

Having a strong brand image is not only for for-profit business anymore. Developing a competitive brand is an understated but crucial marketing objective for non-profit businesses.

Strong, social brands have a definite competitive advantage over the faceless or inconstant brand. The are several reasons why developing your brand can lay the foundation for a successful campaign:

  • Like a person, a company need to a face that appeals to customers and can be related to.
  • Strong brands create co...

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Mental Health Awareness In The Digital Age

Posted by Stephanie Price on Friday, May 21, 2010 , In : Make The Difference 
For a modern mental health awareness campaign to be successful, I believe it needs to be:

1. Interactive

Young people today want everything now and they demand flexibility that comes with interactivity. They want to explore and express. They want to make what you have to offer uniquely theirs and the complexity that comes with in interactive interface is crucial to capturing and keeping their short attention spans. Whether this means allowing them to customize the color scheme of a viral camp...
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