Facing Us is an innovative wellness toolbox which includes a mood tracker, wellness plan creator, journal and more.

Help Guide offers several information-packed guides to living with disorders ranging from bipolar disorder to depression.


Support Groups & Chapters

For US residents:

  • DBSA
  • MHA
  • NAMI
  • Active Minds
  • Meet Up

For UK residents:

  • Rethink

For online groups:

  • DBSA

Your Recovery Vision

Posted by Stephanie Price on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 , In : Wellness 
Vision boards are great tools for reaching goals. I have been using vision boards for years, but recently, I have been applying them to my mental health.

Having a recovery vision is an important first step on the road to recovery. With a vision board, you can make your goals visual, using pictures of things you want to be, do or possess in the future. It's a creative way to inspire yourself during tough times.

To create your recovery vision board, you will need scissors, a large sheet of paper...
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Staying Out Of The Mental Hospital

Posted by Stephanie Price on Sunday, May 23, 2010 , In : Wellness 

By Stephanie Price

Having been in the mental hospital several times, I have learned a few things about making the most of time spent there.

First, get your medications sorted out with your assigned doctor. Medications are not the only answer to mental illness but they are a tool you can use to stabilize more quickly. Do your best to work with the doctor to find the right med combo.

Next, be honest with your treatment team. This includes the doctors, nurses and other staff that are involved in tr...

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The Essential Early Morning Journal

Posted by Stephanie Price on Sunday, May 23, 2010 , In : Wellness 
Journaling is a great tool for personal transformation and deliberately focusing your mind. But, with so many topics to write about and so many prompts to answer, which journalism technique is most effective? I have a personal growth and recovery binder which contains over 25 journaling prompts and entry topics. Lately, I have been getting back into reading self-help books and have developed a technique which I find most effective and simple. It should be practiced daily, preferably early in ...
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